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Recruitment and Community Committee

About Our Journal

Our mission is to create an environment for young scholars to add to the academic conversation in sociology and beyond. We work to showcase excellent undergraduate work in sociology from universities across the globe, while giving student editors the experience of turning BA theses into published academic articles. Each year, we publish a journal issue of selective undergraduate research papers, celebrating the rise of young stars in the field of sociology and dedicating their work to the wider academic conversation.


Housed under the Sociology department in the University of Chicago, the oldest Sociology department in the nation, we gather in the institution that saw the origination of the Chicago School of Sociology and the American Journal of Sociology. Following the steps of our predecessors, we strive to bring into play the impact of theory and method in our annual journal issue.

The Chicago Journal of Sociology welcomes and accepts submissions from students throughout all academic disciplines and across the world. Our editor team gives equal recognition and consideration to quantitative and qualitative research alike, as well as all topics and regional focuses within sociological research. We also encourage inter-disciplinary conversations that bring issues into perspective with other fields of knowledge.

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